Launch of new City Wide Lawn Web site...
City Wide Lawn launches new web site."We wanted our customers to be able to make informed decisions about the programs we offer." says Phil DeMaddalena, owner of City Wide Lawn.

More and more people are using the Internet these days to do research. City Wide Lawn is committed to giving you the best information, so you can make informed choices.

Don't let weeds ruin your summer...
Do you have weeds in your lawn?  Weeds do more than just look bad, they rob your grass of water and valuable sunlight it needs to grow green and strong.  Well now you can stomp out weeds safely and effectively.  City Wide Lawn & Tree uses top of the line products to kill your weeds leaving a plush, green lawn.  We exclusively use WeedDestroy (2,4-D) to help protect your grass and stomp out weeds!

Take good care of your trees this year!
You already trust City Wide to keep your lawn looking great.  Now let us take the worry out of caring for your trees.  Have you noticed small holes in the leaves of your trees?  If you are not sure, call City Wide Lawn & Tree to have one of our professionals take a look.  We look for bag worms, ants, ticks, moths, caterpillars and all other types of insects that may be eating away at your trees.  If any of your trees are infected we will spray them with one of the best insecticides on the market; Tempo SC Ultra.  After we spray all the trees and shrubs, we go the extra step and also spray around your home.  This gives you a protective barrier against the unwanted visitors.